2008 Radius Research Grant at ACAF (Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum) Egypt
International Lectures and Teaching Assignments in Israel, Switzerland, Japan, France, Iceland and China
since 2004Professor at Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts
2000 - 2002Guest Lecturere at Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts
1999Grant Schloß Bleckede
1998 - 2000Working Grant in Nantes, France
1997Research Grant for Residency in Japan, Neue Kunst in Hamburg E.V.
1996Grant of Kunst Fonds, Bonn
1995Working Grant in Nantes, France
1994Grant Academy Schloß Solitude
1993Working Grant of the City of Hamburg
1991Art Prize Ecology, Cologne
1987 - 1990 Works in public space. Project Grant of the Culture Fonds, Hamburg
1985 - 1993 Studies of Art and Philosophy in Hamburg
1962Born. Lives in Hamburg and Stuttgart